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Tavern Tales: Hearthstone Battlegrounds Podcast

Sep 18, 2020

Totemlydrunk and Edanar welcome you back to the Tavern for Episode 28. On the show the hosts share how they fared in Battlegrounds since our last episode, Iksar hints at what the devs are playtesting, Twitch Rivals put on their BGs event with Kripp, and we look to strike back at a certain celestial dragon Celestalon.

As always we would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to shoot us a message via email, discord, or twitter. Thanks again for tuning in!

DISCUSSION: Our Weeks in BGs

DISCUSSION: Iksar on playtesting

DISCUSSION: Kripp's Doritos Disruptor Series

NEWS: Hosting community events

SEGMENT: Blame Celestalon